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Here at Superchrome you can realize your long cherished dream of acquiring quality wall graphics. We welcome you to go through our collection of wall graphics, which complement any space. Delightful graphics for your children or classy ones to attract your clients, we have everything you can imagine. Let us help you redesign your home and work space, by adding custom made wall graphics. Our experienced technical team is at your disposal. Wall graphics can be pictures, geometrical or other intricate designs which can be mounted on your walls. Today’s innovative technology has helped us to incorporate popular as well as creative designs into self adhesive pieces that can be fixed to any surface of your room.


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Wall graphics are fabulous adornments to any surface such as wall, ceiling, roof, floor or even furniture surfaces. In case you become tired of looking at these graphics, feel free to tear them off. No marks or scars are left on the wall. Make your room come alive with a perfect selection of wall graphics.


Customer is the king! We believe in this motto. Do visit our showrooms to indulge in a range of exquisite wall graphic designs. If you like our designs, we can customize the color and finish for you. You can also choose from our specialty designs range which is made to suit commercial outlets, business space, residential areas etc.


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