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Promotional signage is an important part of the marketing mix and plays a key role in information solutions. It is an ideal way to convey targeted information, entertainment, merchandising and advertising to an audience, attract new business and maintain existing customers. A good sales effort will insure that the promotional signage is kept loaded with eye catching content and kept up to date without being repetitive. The number of viewers looking at the signage will greatly depend on the quality of the signage.


Promotional signage produced digitally uses a printing method that produces prints directly from a computer file rather than a slide or a photograph, without going through some intermediate medium such as a film negative, a colour proof or a plate. The benefits of digital signage include faster turnaround times, lowered production costs, and the ability to personalise documents. Digital signage is frequently used for on-demand or short-run colour printing. The printed information is encoded in discrete, digital dots at various resolutions thus providing versatility and enabling scanning into storage and manipulation of data. In short, digital printing is very cost-effective on short print runs, has the advantage of low set up costs, no minimum volume run and can be done on a number of substrates.




promotional signagePromotional signage produced by Superchrome includes hoardings, billboards, building wraps, vehicle wraps, A boards, pavement signs, vinyl banners, PVC banners and backlits suitable for advertising displays, points of sale, events and exhibitions.

A team of skilled installers will carry out the installation and the removal of the promotional signage upon request.

Features of a Superchrome's signage:
  • Use of the latest printing technology and printing supplies
  • Between 48 and 72 hours turn around time
  • Possibility to retouch the artwork and enhance it, giving the best imaging quality
  • Signage available in any size or shape on a wide selection of substrates
  • Installers on hand for installation and removal of signage
  • Best printing quality at very competitive prices

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