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Visual impact takes the front seat as far as product advertising is concerned. An image or sign often speaks volumes. We at Superchrome make the most of this logic when we design unique posters and billboards. Superchrome utilizes the latest trends in technology to design quality graphic posters for enhancing your business and driving customer traffic your way. Whether for outdoor or indoor use, Superchrome has the facilities to give you exquisite prints on glossy paper, vinyl, wind mesh banner material, or any type of fabric. For indoor purposes we can print your posters on paper , canvas, window film, polyester fabric or backlit film. You can also select from our superior range of digital prints for A4 and A3 posters.




vinyl bannerWe recommend encapsulating your indoor posters for extra life and resistance. Your mounting options include display board, foamboard, foamex and MDF board. The digital posters produced by us can be up to 5000mm wide by almost any length. Give us the print dimensions you require and we can devise the best posters for you. As our privileged customer you are free to suggest the finishing options you want: gloss, matt or crystal laminates.


Browse through these images taken by professional photographers, from which you can choose those appealing to you. Or do you have your own images? Just upload the file to us and we will turn it into stunning advertising material.


Superchrome installs these products for you and guarantees full-fledged customer support. We can also provide free standing banner frames in case you need them. Do you want your posters mounted on foamex or foam core board? These are rigid background for your display purposes, highly resistant to damage. For bigger boards for outdoor purposes, we can mount your posters on aluminium frames.

Superchrome also has an enviable range of billboard options for you, just waiting to be exploited. The billboards we design target drivers and pedestrians, ensuring a high impact for your product and service. Our billboards are characterized by well defined images and economy of words. Allow us to design and install for you splendid digital billboards up to 5m wide with vinyl lettering and photo quality images.


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