Mesh Banner



mesh bannerA mesh banner is a perfect outdoor graphic solution for scaffoldings and building wraps in windy conditions. Mesh is a lightweight fabric like material that is tightly woven and very strong; the advantage of mesh banners is that you no longer need to cut wind holes. Mesh is ideal for large exterior banner needs: heavy mesh material is flame retardant and resistant to tearing and it is directly printable using UV and solvent inks.

Mesh banners are the perfect way to conceal building works or redevelopments. They can also be used for stage backdrops.




Superchrome has years of experience in the field of digital mesh banner printing. We will produce any banner of any size or any form at very competitive prices. We offer a complete banner printing solution, from the design of the artwork, to the printing and finishing and the installation and the removal of the banners. We use the best material available and finish the banners to our customers’ specifications. Superchrome produced the wide format ‘Go England’ banner for Scottish Electrics for the cricket test match between England and Australia at the Oval in September 2005.

If you would like to find out more about printing a mesh banner, call 020 7237 9333 or fax 020 7237 9444 or email


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