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Make your photographs the cynosure of eyes when mounted on walls or displayed effectively at strategic positions! Think of the multitude of creative options you have with your fantastic photos! How would you like your precious graphic images to be displayed? Wall mounted art, posters, and point of purchase displays – for all these you can have your photos printed on photographic papers and films, coated papers, vinyls and banners, or canvas. Large format photo printing is an eye catching solution for indoor and outdoor banners, posters, floor graphics, exhibition panels, and signs. Superchrome gives you quality and fast photo printing at affordable rates. Charm your customers with the large format prints and posters we design for you. You can rest assured that your message will be put across through our stunning photo prints.




large format photography printingAt Superchrome, we exploit to the full some of the most advanced digital poster printing technology in vogue today that facilitates efficient wide format photography printing. Our company enjoys pride of place in the field of large format inkjet digital printing. Our digital printers are of superior quality and optimized for the production of superb large format photographs.


Talk to our experienced personnel who can advise you on the best combination of print materials, inks and finishing for your creation. We put each assignment through effective color tests to decide the best possible color scheme. In case you want us to supply the photos, we can do that too. You can make a choice selection from our collection of digital photos for all occasions.


In any artwork, the finishing service is most important. At Superchrome we use the best quality ink jet compatible finishing films that ensure a longer life and a better finish for your prints. You can decide on the lamination you want. Do find at your disposal a range of cold and hot laminates including UV resistant laminates. You can have your photo mounted on foamboard or foamex to make it last longer. Alternately you can choose from plass wood, acrylic, or different types of boards. You can have your large format photo print either pasted or directly printed on FOAMEX and mounted on the wall using adhesive acrylic tape.


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