Full Color Printing

full color printing



Full color printing is just another term for process colour printing which is printing in full colour using four colour separation negatives- yellow, magenta, cyan, and black (CMYK). These three colours, when mixed together with black, will produce a reasonable reproduction of all other colours.

The full color printing services offered by Superchrome are available in a range of materials such as photo papers, backlits and coated paper and for a number of applications such as signs, banners, exhibits, displays and art. This is the perfect printing solution to create a high catching visual impact, particularly on large format prints.

Using the latest in digital printing technology, Superchrome produces prints directly from a computer file rather than a slide or a photograph, without going through film negatives, colour proofs or plates, allowing faster turn around times, lowered production costs and the ability to personalise documents. Our inkjet printers spray liquid inks onto the paper using a dot matrix pattern. Digital full color printing is frequently used for on-demand or short-run prints.

Superchrome full color printing services also include lamination services which is the process of applying a thin transparent plastic coating to paper or board to provide protection and give it a glossy finish as well as mounting on foamex for durability. We also offer a high resolution scanning service, which can translate any picture or typed text into a pattern of dots, which can be understood and stored by a computer and turned into full color printing. Images can also be retouched and altered to correct faults or be enhanced.

If you would like to know more about Superchrome and its full color printing services, call us on 020 7237 9333 or fax 020 7237 9444 or email sales@superchrome.co.uk.


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