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exhibition signageSuperchrome, the best solution provider for all your printing needs, is also superior in exhibition signage. Exhibition signage is supplied for indoor and outdoor applications.

Substrates on which the designs or text is printed include paper, polyesters, PVC, vinyl, etc. High quality photographic reproduction can also be mounted onto a range of hard substrates like Foamex, Foamboard, Corex, Acrylic, Kappaboard, MDF etc. All our exhibition signage are waterproof, lightfast and scratchproof. Some material like Corex and PVC are for long term usage and others like paper and polyester are for short terms. For retained visual impact, colour depth and contrast, Superchrome uses UV stable ink and media.

You can meet, email or telephone our professionals and discuss whatever type of exhibition signage you need to install. Our team of designers will start the creation process, taking into consideration your ideas, colours, text, and other suggestions. One or more designs will be shown to you and if changes or improvement are needed, we can include them too. The installation process can also be done by Superchrome, if necessary.

Superchrome is without doubt, a good center for exhibition signage where you get everything from complete booth construction, designing and conceptualization. With high impact exhibition graphics and designs, we are outstanding in the market. Our single goal is providing exhibition signage which is durable and noteworthy. The exhibition signage structures can be constructed according to your required dimensions and taste. They will be environmental friendly also. The graphic design may be simple but appealing to the masses. Our turnaround time is minimal and prices affordable.

Please find out more about exhibition signage from our office number which is 020 7237 9333 or fax 0207 237 9444 or email sales@superchrome.co.uk or have a live chat immediately.


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