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Electronic signage, also called dynamic signage, digital signage, is a flat large format display screen broadcasting advertising or informational content. Electronic signage is becoming more and more powerful and it is widely use in retail, higher education, healthcare, hospitality and financial markets.

They are two main ways to display electronic signage. The first method uses plasma display, which illuminates very small fluorescent coloured lights to create an image. Plasma screens are the most affordable electronic signage displays. In order to maximum the use of the plasma screen and avoid burn in screen problems, it is advisable to take extra care when creating the content in order to avoid repeating the same images and messages too many times. The second method uses LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens, recently introduced on the market. Projectors are also another way to display the message and so are LED displays.

Electronic signage is particular popular in retail chains to encourage impulse purchasing at the point of sale, in hotels, restaurants and conference centres to direct guests to events and provide news information and in university for emergency messaging, functions and academic purposes. Electronic signage and its dynamic content is a very attractive method of communication that is really difficult to ignore. It can be placed indoors or outdoors.




electronic signageSuperchrome is a total solution provider for electronic signage and it will guide its customers throughout the project, from design and sourcing to implementing and meeting support requirements.

Features of a Superchrome's electronic signage:

  • Best possible guidance throughout the project
  • Production involving the best technical suppliers around
  • Installers on hand for installation and removal of signage
  • Best printing quality at very competitive prices

For more information, call 020 7237 9333 or email: sales@superchrome.co.uk


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