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digital signageDigital signage is one of the latest ways to display eye-catching messages to customers. Digital signage can be used for promotional displays, advertising signage, portable displays, display panels, banners, in-store points of sale, showcases, presentations and posters.

Superchrome, the large format print professionals, uses the latest digital technologies to produce high catching high quality promotional electronic display solutions. Our digital signage will save you costs on promotional displays, improve revenues and can be used in a variety of public places and stores.

Superchrome will help you chose the best solution to suit your digital signs and electronic billboards, from the flat displays such as plasma screens and LCD screens in a wide range of sizes to the software components. As well as the creation of your digital signage, we will help you install it.

Superchrome offers digital signage for those looking for a flexible, custom made solution with maximum exposure. Digital signage will help you reinforce your company branding, optimise the layout of your store and increase your sales. Digital signage can also be used as trade show signage, hotels and conferences signage and welcome signage in a variety of environments.

Universities, ad agencies, museums, galleries, architects, local authorities, department stores, event management companies and other organisations have already chosen Superchrome as a partner for their digital signage solutions. For more information on how we can help your business, contact us now at 020 7237 9333 or fax 020 7237 9444 or email Our experienced personnel would be able to guide you appropriately.


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