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Thank you for visiting the site of Superchrome, UK’s best digital poster printing company. Here, you will come across the world’s best craftsmanship coupled with quality and reliability. Whether you need digital posters for conference shows, exhibitions, seminars, point of sale signage, or shops or offices, your requests will be answered by us.


The most important benefit of dealing with Superchrome is that you will get a wide array of choices in digital poster printing. We work on substrates like, canvas, scrim vinyl, fabrics, satin, and white or colored paper coated, uncoated and glossy. We can design your posters with backlit by printing on clear or matted film so that it can be viewed even during the night. Once your images or graphics are printed on the display or easel posters, we will laminate them in order to resist the unfavorable elements and mount them for presentations. We can also create adhesive vinyl posters to stick them on walls. Whichever size or width you wish for, whether to be mounted indoor or outdoor or to be used temporarily or permanently, we can accomplish all your demands.

Using our digital technology we can receive orders from different file formats such as from CD, floppy, zip or digital camera media. If you need bulk number of posters for your advertising needs, our offset printing can furnish you any number. Moreover, bulk ordering offers discount on those prints. We can induce Vinyl lettering in a variety of colors, fonts and sizes; either in reverse print or straight prints. Our graphic experts will also guide you to choose the best font size form our font library to suit a particular poster.


Our poster prints are available in full color prints or black and white prints. With our digital poster printing techniques, we are able to personalize your documents and offer faster turnaround times.

For more information and quotes, call 020 7237 9333 or fax 0207 237 9444 or email


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