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acrylic printingAcrylic printing is a method used to print images directly onto acrylic sheet - a glassy thermoplastic. This type printing helps to produce eye-catching displays with natural light illumination from both sides. With digital acrylic printing, computer files are printed directly onto acrylic fabrics. Major benefits of digital printing on acrylic include no minimum print run; project can be finished in lesser time than customary printing; and no limit to the number of colours used.

What we are offering?


Superchrome is one of the leading companies providing large format digital printing services in the United Kingdom. Our artists always try to bring something distinctive, unique and challenging for you. All the time, we try to attain the excellence of products with surprisingly low prices. We have been created quality digital as well as screen acrylic prints for a number of clients for over a decade.

Superchrome acrylic prints are contemporary formats for displaying images in homes, work places, galleries, exhibitions, and museums. With a variety of frames available, they give an exclusive quality to any exhibition. The latest printing supplies we use in production process guarantee you the excellent printed images on acrylic. The images are often printed onto satin acrylic (a part-transparent matte acrylic), resulting in high resolution, sturdy, and long-lasting digital acrylic prints.

acrylic printingSuperchrome supplies fade resistant acrylic prints which are suitable for locations that get directly exposed to sunlight. Our prints are also resistant to ultra-violet rays, mildew and rot. Easily cleaned with soap and water, they are available in either a glossy or a frosted finish. The prices of acrylic art vary according to the size. The common print sizes include A1, A0, 1500x1200, and 2000x1000.

Superchrome acrylic faced print is a popular variety which is a modern alternative to framed prints. Quality photographic prints are placed between acrylic sheaths and block boards. These products are supplied ready-to-hang. We also offer prints with aluminum wall mounting spacers.

If you want assistance in creating your acrylic prints, contact us 020 7237 9333 or email

Our knowledgeable staffs will provide proper guidance and design a package that will meet your budget needs.


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